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Hello, I'm Heather .

I Design, Develop, Manage, Create, Market, Brand & Strategize.

Likes:My dog, laughter, my kindle, coffee, curiosity, sprawling vistas, hikes, foodgasms, dark beer, the art that is performed on a four-count rhythm between ten and two o’clock.

Dislikes:Procrastination, dishonesty, mushrooms, bad manners, IPA’s, tactlessness, doing dishes, and the price of gas.

I Spend my free time: Thinking about what trout like to eat. Cutting up fabric and sewing it back together to make quilts, thinking about the order of my Netflix queue, what to put on my kindle next.

We Would Get Along If:You think that your already-pretty-great life is better when shared with awesome people and you don’t mind dog hair that sticks to everything but the dog

Art Director/production manager with print and digital knowledge. Experience working with a wide variety of clients, large corporations, small businesses and non-profits.

Creative design for print, digital, outdoor, online, mobile, logo design, social media management and development, print and media buying/brokering, print/media marketing consulting.

What I Do.








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